AC Global Learning online programs provide holistic resources and ongoing support for students and teachers so that your school district has a current and effective curriculum, both now and in the future. We combine proven curriculum, innovative education technology, and supplemental services such as online teacher or parent training and real-time student progress reports to create a virtual teaching platform that offers a personalized education like never before. Our online programs empower students to discover their own academic paths and allow the education process to take place in class, at home, and anywhere in between.

ACGL provides a unique online learning experience based on Accelerated Learning, Experiential Based Learning, and Performance Based Assessment. Our materials help students analyze, synthesize, and apply content information to practical experience.

Our online programs provide novel approaches to learning and assessment to meet the ever-changing needs of a 21st century education. Merging new concepts with original thinking and practical skills, our curriculum fosters innovative and dynamic learning and academic competence to meet future challenges. We have over 40 years of educational experience designing curriculum for school districts and universities, and we have spoken with and surveyed more than 40,000 educators about how teachers and students interact in the classroom.


The mission of AC Global Learning is to provide cost-efficient, accessible, and quality materials for all students around the globe. We offer a high quality education that is affordable & accessible to all students from PreK-12, higher education and vocational and professional training.


Our vision is to empower our students and teachers by giving them innovative technology, a passion for learning, and an appreciation of their own culturally diverse identity.

President’s Message

At AC Global Learning, we focus on one important mission: Offering highly specialized materials that are accessible and affordable to all students. AC Global Learning works to understand your needs and work around your schedule to help you achieve your educational goals. Our curriculum is designed to work for you as you nurture your students. We have designed our curriculum with you and your student at the forefront. All AC Global Learning curriculum addresses the TEKS, TELPAS and National Standards. Here at ACGL, we believe that knowledge exists everywhere and for everyone. Students from all walks of life and from all across the globe are drawn to pursue their education at ACGL because of the distinctive qualities and accessible nature of our renowned programs.

We are proud to collaborate with students, teachers, and administrators on a local and international level—we welcome you to our community of education. As part of the ACGL network, you will have access to powerful resources and real educators who share your educational goals. Our mission is the same as yours: to empower students with the knowledge and ingenuity they will carry for the rest of their lives.

The AC Global Learning online platform is open for enrollment, and we are excited to give students the opportunity to succeed.

Welcome to AC Global Learning. We are glad you’re here.

All my best wishes,
Jose A. Chavez President

Alejandro Chavez


Angeles Chavez

Chief Administrative, Government, and Operating Officer

Marco Onofre

Chief Compliance Officer

Araceli Onofre

Chief Executive Assistant

Andre Chavez

Chief Administrative, Government, and Operating Officer Assistant

Alex Chavez

Chief Financial Officer

Felipe Onofre

Director of Global Data and Platform

Monica Medina

Director of Government Affairs

Margarita Gonzalez

Community Liaison Assistant

Jackeline Onofre
Community Liaison Assistant

Merit Students

Julio Cesar
Merit Student with Presidential Honors

Our Educational Team

Our team of 280 teachers and professors work every day on our curriculum, constantly creating activities relevant to students, strengthening the connections between learners and educators, making the curriculum relevant to today’s demands, improving lives and shaping futures.

Our Curriculum addresses includes:
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in Spanish
Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (ELPS-TELPAS)
English language acquisition, Language Arts, and integrated content
Research-based activities
Step-by-step lesson plans
National – state – and local standards


Our guiding principles provide identity and unity to all academic entities at AC Global Learning. The policies and norms that all members of the academic community must observe derive from them.

  • Equal enrollment and attendance standards.

  • Innovation, creativity, use of technology and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Entrepreneurial liberty, market economy and social responsibility.

  • Sustainable development.

  • Continuous development of faculty members and employees.

  • The members of our educational community are committed to honesty, respect, justice, liberty, responsibility, trust, solidarity, a task-oriented work culture characterized by punctuality, and the holistic fulfillment of individuals.

Accelerated learning is a methodology and approach to teaching and to learning which allows students to:

  • Take in more information quickly with a better understanding of practical application
  • Quickly identify and prioritize key concepts in large volumes of material.
  • Analyze and evaluate problems efficiently to reduce the unnecessary hours of homework.

The antithesis of rote memorization learning models, our philosophy is to give students a set of concepts  to experiment with in practical settings through observation, analysis, and finally, reporting their findings and processes. Experiential based learning is critical to the process of self-discovery and enlightenment.

During the online courses, students learn new knowledge, acquire skills, and develop practical work habits, with instant feedback.

 Our assessments are meaningful and engaging, designed to develop practical long-term retention of the learned material. They focus on how well you can use what you know—application as the priority.