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Online giving is a straightforward, secure way to invest in AC Global Learning students’ futures. Your generosity enables our students to do what they do best: pursue learning, foster innovation, and be the leadership of tomorrow. If you would like to make a gift on behalf of a company, please call 281-313-7700






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Planned Giving

Planned gifts are central to the success of AC Global Learning’s Fund for Success Campaign and to securing long-term strength for our academic future. By planning your gift to AC Global Learning, you can make a meaningful contribution to the Fund for Success Campaign while also strategically meeting your financial goals. Gifts may be designated to a department or program of your choice. Many donors make gifts to the AC Global Learning’s Fund for Success, allowing us to apply the funds where the need is greatest. Others designate their gifts to a program or purpose that holds special meaning for them. What’s more, many donors can double or even triple their gifts through company matching gift programs. Whatever your choice, your participation is important and will impact students’ lives. Immediate and deferred tax advantages as well as an increased income and effective rate of return are just a few of the ways you may benefit from a planned gift. As AC Global Learning rises to meet the challenges of a new century, your gift will create an enduring legacy of support that helps to fuel another era of remarkable discoveries and unparalleled educational opportunity. Explore the options below to discover the planned gift that is right for you.

Make an Honorary or Memorial Gift

Honorary Gifts

Honorary gifts can be a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for someone or for commemorating a significant event.

Donations can be made online here, or mailed to the address listed below.

Those being honored will be notified of your gift; so please include the name and address of the honoree so that we may notify them of your thoughtfulness. AC Global Learning

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts can help ensure a person’s legacy will continue or honor the wishes of the departed. These gifts may be made online here, or mailed to the address listed below in the sample obituary language.

Please include the name of the memorialized, along with the name and address of the individual(s) to whom you would like acknowledgment sent.

Any further questions may be directed to Constituent Relations at 281-313-7700 or

Refund Policy

All cancellation notices and requests for refund must be made in writing by mail or e-mail before student starts courses.  AC Global Learning applies the refund policy published on its website on the date the cancellation notice is received.  The refund policy for any workshop purchase carries forward to its rescheduled workshop.

Purchases made by debit/credit card are refunded to the debit/credit card if the purchase is less than 90 days old.  Purchases by check, and credit/debit card purchases older than 90 days, are refunded by check.  Applicable refunds will be made within 5 business days.  Refer to the list below for refund/cancellation policy for your specific purchase.

Please note that published refund policies apply to all customers and members for all reasons and all circumstances.